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Tropicana Partner Voices Support for Workers' Strike

Benjamin Allen, Community Outreach Manager, provided the following statement:

"I had volunteered in the past at Tropicana Community Services and provided financial education workshops to its employment groups and became aware of Tropicana’s staff going on strike this morning.

As an Accredited Financial Counsellor, I was shocked to learn that staff there had been on a wage freeze for 15 years. I also feel it necessary to point out the irony of teaching their clients about personal finance while many of their staff were struggling financially themselves. Perhaps that is one reason that I found staff turnover to be so high at Tropicana. I continually have to chase down new staff there to re-introduce our free financial wellness supports. The community that Tropicana serves are the ones hurt most by this strike. That is why I am personally urging Tropicana to return to the bargaining table so programs can resume as soon as possible.

It was most disappointing for us in the community development department to learn that the train-the-trainer seminars I delivered in 2018 appear to have been an exercise in futility. Few, if any, of those staff trained as Community Partners in Financial Empowerment remain employed at Tropicana. As such, it appears there is no longer a personal finance component within Tropicana’s employment programs, which I find unacceptable.

Until these wage issues get resolved, Consolidated Credit Counselling Services of Canada will be unable to work with Tropicana in providing our free educational supports."